DISC-based Programs

Some studies suggest that fully 85% of any professional service provider's success is directly linked to his or her ability to effectively communicate. Yet, few professionals receive any formal training in basic communication skills.

This highly interactive 90-minute program is an introduction to communication skills. Because communication wants and needs vary according to a person’s behavioral style preference, the program starts with the identification of each participant’s behavioral style. (To accomplish this, I use the DISC behavioral style self-assessment tool.) I then help participants identify the style preferences of the internal and external clients with whom they work daily. Highlighting points of commonality and potential conflict, I describe adjustments participants can make in order to facilitate communications with those with whom they work.

Program participants acquire a set of tools and techniques that they may use immediately upon returning to their offices. They leave the program understanding why one of their internal clients prefers follow-up emails that are short and to the point while another prefers face-to-face meetings that explore alternatives. Most importantly, participants know how to adjust to these unique communication wants and needs.

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